Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry----but HEY!

I am soooo sorry----it has been forever since I posted something on here----but I have been working on my scraps----I am such in a card frenzy now!

I had to take a break from making my cards because a friend asked me to make party favors----so I spent my lovely time do that! It was sooo much fun and I am now hooked on watching You Tube videos on making boxes and other crafts----I was already hooked on cardmaking!

And that is exactly what I have been doing when I have had the time to craft! Granted, its been a whole summer and I dont have many to show due to being a mommy, but I will show you what I do have completed----some of my creations I truly love and others will be KEEPERS---but I guaranteed that all my projects will be displayed for you to see and I hope you are inspired by some of them!

I will post each individually and tell you about them briefly if time allows!

Thanks for reading.......By the way---how's your summer been going?

Featured Scrap Project

Featured Scrap Project
Happy Mother's Day