Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Card


I mentioned I would add the Mother's Day card I made for my mom. This one was done on short notice, really quickly.....but I love it! Thanks for the inspiration from my scrapping magazines and Memory Works idea gallery....I love receiving inspiration from elsewhere. I could never come up with some of these ideas on my own. This card turned out GREAT and will be the featured project until I do another....

This card is made with the April Memory Works Express Kit Contents.....if you want more information about MW Express me!

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Scrappers!

I just wanted to sit here and take the time to wish all of you Happy Mother's Day. We are all mother's in some way, whether we have children and pets or not. We all teach, hold our loved ones hands and hearts at some point in time.

I was appreciated in the best way this Mother's Day. Finances are lacking, but my husband treated me to a hot breakfast that was awesome and my oldest baby wanted to get mommy something so terribly bad that he went in bought me some Riesen chocolates....with daddy's help of course.

One of my best girlfriends thought of me as well......a delivery from Edible Arrangements. The first I have ever gotten. I am so delighted to received these gifts from my loved ones and the thoughts that others have given me as well.....many texts, emails, and facebook messages have come through since 12 a.m. Mother's Day morning.

I gifted my mother a beautifully crafted card this Mother's Day.....that's pretty much all I could do this season, but I know my mother would greatly appreciate it.....she loves scrap booking and would feel so much joy receiving a handmade card from her daughter and closest friend. I will post a pic of the card as soon as I transfer it from my cell to my computer.....

Enjoy your day, Mommies......

Featured Scrap Project

Featured Scrap Project
Happy Mother's Day